Saturday, August 5, 2017

The men who managed to beat Ono

Part 1: Sainjargal (MGL) at the 2011 Qingdao Grand Prix
Part 2: Sharipov (UZB) at the 2012 Paris Grand Slam
Part 3: Wang (KOR) at the 2012 Tashkent Asian Championships
Part 4: Khashbaatar (MGL) at the 2013 Paris Grand Slam
Part 5: Lee (KOR) at the 2014 Chelyabinsk World Championships

Part 6: Iartcev (RUS) at the 2014 Chelyabinsk World Championships
Part 7: Akimoto (JPN) at the 2014 Tokyo Grand Slam

Judo fans will miss out on watching Shohei Ono defend his World title because he won't be at the 2017 Budapest World Championships.

The reason is that he did not take part in the Japanese national trials (2017 All-Japan Weight Class Competition), ostensibly because he wanted to focus on his studies, and so he wasn't chosen.

Aside from France's Teddy Riner, it's hard to identify a judo player who is as feared as Ono, who hasn't been beaten since 2015 in IJF World Tour events. So dominant is he today that it's easy to forget that prior to 2015, he was beaten by a handful of players.

In fact 2014, was a pretty bad year for him. He was beaten three times that year. In 2013, he was beaten once, in 2012 twice and in 2011 once. Who are these guys who have beaten him at IJF events?

Well, he's lost to two Mongolians, two South Koreans, an Uzbek, a Russian and a fellow Japanese. Over the course of the next seven days, we'll be showing you highlights from those fights where Ono actually lost (and in some cases, it was by Ippon).

So stay tuned and enjoy this special 7-part mini-series.

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