Monday, July 17, 2017

-60kg Analysis

Full Analysis

+100kg Men: Riner (FRA)
+78kg Women: Asahina (JPN)
-100kg Men: Haga (JPN)
-78kg Women: Tcheumeo (FRA)
-90kg Men: Toth (HUN)
-70kg Women: Arai (JPN)
-81kg Men: Khalmurzaev (RUS)
-63kg Women: Trstenjak (SLO)
-73kg Men: Soichi Hashimoto (JPN)
-57kg Women: Tsukasa Yoshida (JPN)
-66kg Men: Hifumi Abe (JPN)
-52kg Women: Majlinda Kelmendi (KOS)
-60kg Men: Naohisa Takato (JPN)
-48kg Women: Urantsetseg Munkhbat (MGL)

Nagayama is probably the biggest threat to Takato. He defeated Takato in this year's All-Japan Weight Class Championships.
Looking at the -60kg division for the World Championships, the player most likely to win is Naohisa Takato of Japan. He has solid traditional judo techniques like sode-tsurikomi-goshi, drop seoi-nage and uchimata but he is also capable of doing unorthodox techniques more commonly associated with European judo such as side takedown, utsuri-goshi and sumi-gaeshi.

He's fought three major competitions since the 2016 Rio Olympics and won two of them (silver at the 2016 Tokyo Grand Slam and gold in the 2017 Paris Grand Slam and 2017 Asian Championships). That's not a lot of competitions over the course of a year since the Olympics but it is sufficient and his results show that he is in top form.

Takato's biggest rival is probably his compatriot Ryuju Nagayama who has already beaten him twice. Nagayama's main weakness is that he is relatively new to the world scene and has not had that much experience fighting foreigners. He might not make it far enough to face Takato.

Russia is sending Olympic Champion Beslan Mudranov to Budapest but he has not competed at all since the 2016 Rio Olympics. That can't be a good thing. South Korea has not yet announced who it's -60kg representative will be but if it's Kim Won-Jin, he is another one who has not competed since Rio.

Georgia's Amiran Papinashvili is the top seed in the IJF World Rankings and he defeated Takato in the 2016 Rio Olympics. But it's hard to imagine him repeating that feat if these two were to meet again. He has fought in many IJF World Tour events since Rio but he has not won any major tournaments in the past year.

Sharafuddin Lutfillaev of Uzbekistan is always something of a threat but he has only fought once this year, in the 2017 Paris Grand Slam, where he lost to none other than Takato. Orkhan Safarov of Azerbaijan is another potential threat but the last two times they fought, in the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2017 Paris Grand Slam, he lost to Takato.

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