Monday, May 1, 2017

Japan to send 9-man team to Budapest

The Japanese men's World Championship team has been set:

-60kg : Naohisa Takato & Ryuju Nagayama
-66kg : Hifumi Abe
-73kg : Soichi Hashimoto
-81kg : Takanori Nagase
-100kg : Aaron Wolf & Ryonosuke Haga
+100kg : Takeshi Ojitani & Hisayoshi Harasawa

Haga chosen as an alternate at -100kg
Note: Each country can send a maximum of 9 players per gender category and for the men, Japan decided to make full use of the 9 slots. Mashu Baker would have been chosen for the -90kg division but since he was injured, they decided not to send anyone there and instead put in Haga as an alternate to Aaron Wolf at -100kg. Two athletes have also been chosen for +100kg. Early in April it was already decided that there would be two players at -60kg.

Usually they will have alternates for the Team championships and the four selected are:

-66kg : Yuki Hashiguchi
-73kg : Riki Nakaya
-81kg : Hayato Watanabe
-90kg : Kenta Nagasawa

There doesn't seem to be an alternate for the heavyweights. 

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