Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mashu Baker might or might not compete in the World's this year

Mashu Baker was injured in the All-Japan Weight Class Championships recently, dislocating his shoulder in the first round. This means he will have to miss the All-Japan Open Championship at the end of the month.

That is for sure. What is less certain is whether he will compete in the 2017 Budapest World Championships. He's the preferred candidate of All-Japan Judo Federation but the question is whether he will be healed enough by then. And also even if he can, whether he should compete or go for surgery instead.

It turns out this injury is an old one that he has been nursing for some time so it's something that needs to get fixed.

He seems to be inclined to go for surgery. Here's what he said: "I have not made a decision yet but if the goal is to look towards the Tokyo Olympics, it is better to think about early-stage surgery. I think that I will aim for the world championship next year."

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