Sunday, March 26, 2017

Does Ono have a weight problem?

According to Kyodo News, Shohei Ono will be missing the All-Japan Weight Class competition in early April to "focus on his academic studies".

Kyodo goes on to say that Ono's withdrawal means he will most likely miss out on a place at the 2017 Budapest World Championships.

It added that Ono says has not been able to prepare for the worlds as he has been putting priority on writing his thesis as a graduate student at Tenri University.

However, another Kyodo News report quoted a source close to Ono as saying he will be competing in the All-Japan Open Weight competition in late April.

So, let's get this straight. Ono is skipping the weight class competition -- even though this probably means he won't be selected for the World's in Budapest later in the year -- because he needs time to focus on his studies. But within that same month he is competing in the Open weight competition?!?

If he has time to compete in the Open weight competition, why can't he find time to compete in the weight class competition, which serves as the trials for the World's?

Could it be that he has a weight problem? Who knows. Officially, he needs to study.


  1. Maybe he's working his way towards sumo.

  2. I don't think he made his decision to miss All-Japan Weight Class competition because of a weight problem. He has openly expressed his desire to compete in All-Japan Championships (which is Open Weight category only) for quite some time. He said that as a Japanese judoka, he considers the All-Japan title to be somewhat sacred, equally as important as the Olympic or the World Championship gold medal. He wants to challenge himself to a higher level. I think Ono gets a huge inspiration from Koga Toshihiko (they come from the same judo school, Kodo-gakusha) who made all the way to the final of All-Japan Championships in 1990 beating some judokas twice his size until in the final he got thrown spectacularly by the then over-95kg world champion Ogawa. I still remember those great fights, judo at its best. I admire Ono's decision to pursue what he wants to achieve. I cannot wait to see him compete in the All-Japan Championships.

    1. Mr.Oon, you asked why Ono is skipping the weight class competition. It is because traditionally, the winner of the each weight class gets selected to go to the World Championships in August representing Japan. That is a lot of commitment. Ono needs time to finish his thesis to get his degree, and that is his priority for this year.