Friday, March 17, 2017

Dex Elmont on competition judo: You're either in or you're out!

A nice interview with Dex Elmont about his retirement from judo. In today's highly competitive climate, it's hard stay on top without being a full-time athlete. As Elmont puts it: you're either in or you're out!

Q: Did you see that the last Australian Open’s winners, Serena Williams and Roger Federer, were aged 34 and 35 and played less matches last year than most of the other top players of the Tour. What are your ideas for a better (IJF World) Tour, a Tour that will let you go more often in Suriname and compete successfully over 35?

A: There is a big difference between tennis and judo. Tennis has more financial benefits. So even if my body was able to fight at this age, the social effects are not beneficial for my future. In life you have to make choices. Judo is becoming a full time job. Now you have to be in, OR you are out.

Click here to read the whole interview.

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