Saturday, February 11, 2017

From 4 to 3 shidos for hansoku-make makes a BIG difference

If you've watched the Paris Grand Slam so far, you'll notice that the new rules that three shidos results in hansoku-make (previously it was four), coupled with the new match time of four minutes for men (previously it was five), has resulted in a dramatic increase in the pace of the contest. Players are really trying to score and there is a marked reduction in shido play. The ones who try to kill time when they are ahead in points are getting punished in a big way. Just look at the match below. Ashley McKenzie was ahead on a waza-ari when he started backtracking and flopping on the mat. He paid the price when given three shidos and hansoku-make. So far, the new rules have upped the pace and made judo even more exciting to watch.

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