Friday, January 20, 2017

Exit Poll: Paischer

After 16 years of high-level competition, four Olympic Games, nine World Championships, 13 European Championships and too many IJF World Tour events to keep track of, Austria's Ludwig Paischer retires. 

Text: Hans van Essen
Pictures: David Finch

What made you decide to retire?
I’ve competed in four Olympic Games and it would be nice to compete in home of judo in Tokyo 2020 but as an athlete you have an expiration date. Mine has arrived. I love competing but my body and mind can no longer do it. I’m too old. It’s a torment every day. Besides, training means 100% commitment. So, you miss weddings, birthday parties, spending time with friends. I’ve had enough of that.

The most memorable moment of your career? 
Getting an Olympic medal is something rare and special, so I’ll say that’s the one. But winning the World Cup in Oberwart (Austria) this year was very satisfying too as I won in front of the home crowd.

Who contributed most to your success?
There are so many people to be thankful to. My training partners, my family – they were all very supportive but if I had to single out one person who helped me the most, I would say it’s Gerhard Dorfinger, the coach at my home club.

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