Thursday, January 5, 2017

Clarification on the role of shido

The IJF referee seminar is underway and there is now finally some very clear and definitive explanation of the role of shido in Regular Time and in Golden Score.

As was widely understood and expected, shido plays no role in determining the winner in Regular Time although it does in Golden Score. If there is no score (or equal score) on the board and no shidos either way, the first person to get a shido in Golden Score will lose. See below:

But what happens if there are no scores (or equal scores) and there is already one shido on the board and it goes into Golden Score? There was huge confusion on this one because no one really knew what role shido played in such a scenario. Now, it is clear. If there are no scores or even scores and White has a shido by the end of Regular Time, the match goes into Golden Score. During Golden Score, Blue is allowed to get one free shido because White already has one shido. Now, they are both even on scores and shido. If Blue gets another shido, he loses.

If Blue has two shidos going into Golden Score, White is allowed to get two free shidos as this would then even things up. Of course if White then gets another shido, it's three shidos and hansoku-make. But the important point is that if going into Golden Score, Blue has two shidos, White gets two free shidos.

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