Monday, December 19, 2016

Neil Adams provides some clarifications on new IJF Rules (but some things are still confusing)

Neil Adams answers some questions about the new IJF rules and he clarifies some things but other things are still left unclear. In fact, some of the things he's said seem to contradict what the IJF press release said.

The key things Neil touched upon:

1. Ducking of the head and breaking grips with two hands are still illegal. You will get a shido for either of those infractions, Neil said. (There have been some speculation as to whether these would be allowed under the new rules. Neil says no.)

2. While he affirms that the pistol grip (which in recent years has been commonly used and not penalized) will no longer be considered illegal. However, Neil says you cannot put your fingers inside your opponent's sleeves. This is in contrast to what the IJF had said on the matter:

In order to simplify the refereeing and its understanding all the actions that have been punished in the past on how to grab the judogi (kumikata) will not more be penalized: pistol grip, 2 hands on the same side, fingers in the sleeve…
3. Neil said during regular time you cannot win with shido alone. That means if by the end of four minutes there is no score and Player A has one or two shidos, he won't lose the match (it will go into Golden Score). But surely if Player A has three shidos in regular time, he would receive hansoku-make and that would lose him the match. So, technically it's not true that you cannot lose on shidos. You can do if you have three shidos. (Or, so it seems... we'll know for sure when the IJF clarifies all this in January).

4. Neil also said that you cannot win on shidos in Golden Score. That again contradicts what the IJF says on the matter:
The decision in the golden score is made by the difference of score or shido.
Conclusion. While many aspects of the new rules are clear and simple enough to understand, some areas are very vague, in particular with regard to gripping and the role of shido (in regular time and Golden Score).


  1. Wow, looks good.
    Please clarify leg grabs? Is there revision there. It seems that its only shido for accidental brushing the hip, or leg 1st offense then Hansoku. But I still heard from 3 different sources, that leg grab throws are OK if they work, but if they fail are penalised. I cant find this anywhere. It's probably just wishful thinking.