Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Most ridiculous interpretation of the new IJF rules

There have been some different interpretations of the new IJF rules for 2017 because the press release that the IJF issued is unclear about certain things. But as I have mentioned in past posting, on many things it is very clear.

One of those very clear things is that leg grabs are still illegal. Whether they should be illegal is a topic for debate but the fact that they are still illegal is not in doubt. It is abundantly clear that leg grabs are not allowed. The IJF press release says this:

* Leg grabbing or grabbing the trousers, shall be penalized first by shido and secondly by Hansoku Make.

There have been quite a few commentators who -- quite incredibly -- interpret the above rule to mean that if you throw someone with a leg grab and he lands on his back you will score an ippon (and thus nullify the shido).

I don't know how they can dream up such an interpretation because you can never score with an illegal technique. If you throw with a leg grab and your opponent lands on his back it is not a score because that throw is illegal in the first place. What you'll get is a shido. And if you do it again, you'll get a hansoku-make.

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