Friday, August 5, 2016

Men's -100kg Predictions

Quite a lot of exciting players to watch in this weight class, namely Pacek (SWE), Gviniashvili (GEO), Krpalek (CZE) and Haga (JPN). The Georgian is the new kid on the block here, having just moved up a weight but he's been doing well in the IJF circuit and is probably the top prospect for gold in Rio.
Based on the IJF draw here are the predicted winners of each pool:

A: Khaibulaev (RUS) vs Naidan (MGL) = Khaibulaev (RUS)
B: Pacek (SWE) vs Frey (GER) = Pacek (SWE)
C: Maret (FRA) vs Gviniashvili (GEO) = Gviniashvili (GEO)
D: Krpalek (CZE) vs Haga (JPN) = Krpalek (CZE)

1: Khaibulaev (RUS) vs Pacek (SWE) = Pacek (SWE)
2: Gviniashivili (GEO) vs Krpalek (CZE) = Gviniashvili (GEO)

Pacek (SWE) vs Gvniashvili (GEO) = Gviniashvili (GEO)

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