Friday, August 5, 2016

Men's +100kg Predictions

The men's +100kg category is probably the easiest to predict as France's Teddy Riner is head and shoulders (literally and figuratively) above the rest. Japan's great big hope, Harasawa, is unlikely to pose much of a challenge to Riner. Although the two have not fought before, Riner's height and size advantage would allow him to squash Harasawa's uchimata quite easily. One player who gave Riner quite a bit of a challenge in the IJF circuit was Georgia's Matiashvili but alas he is not competing in Rio as Okruashvili was chosen as Georgia's representative. It would have been nice to see Riner vs Matiashvili battle in Rio.

Based on the IJF draw here are the predicted winners of each pool:

A: Riner (FRA) vs Silva (BRA) = Riner (FRA)
B: Meyer (NED) vs Sasson (ISR) = Meyer (NED)
C: Harasawa (JPN) vs Bor (HUN) = Harasawa (JPN)
D: Khammo (UKR) vs Tangriev (UZB) = Khammo (UKR)

1: Riner (FRA) vs Meyer (NED) = Riner (FRA)
2. Harasawa (JPN) vs Khammo (UKR) = Harasawa (JPN)

Riner (FRA) vs Harasawa (JPN) = Riner (FRA)

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