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Ulaanbaatar Grand Prix 2016 - Mongolia DAY THREE

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Olympic champion Idalys Ortiz maintains winning run while Mongolia run away with the medal table   

The Ulaanbaatar Grand Prix 2016, the final IJF Grand Prix before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, concluded on Sunday as the heavyweights rounded off an engrossing competition at the Buyant Ukhaa Sport Complex which featured Olympic champion Idalys ORTIZ and members of Mongolia’s Rio 2016 Olympic team. 

Mongolia’s final day of IJF World Judo Tour action featured the women’s -78kg and +78kg categories and the men’s -90kg, -100kg and +100kg categories at the atmospheric venue.    

The hosts were rampant on all three days as they won nine of the 14 gold medals available in addition to 10 silver medals and 10 bronze medals. Japan finished second with two gold medals, one silver and four bronze medals ahead of Azerbaijan who achieved one gold medal and three bronze medals.

Mr. Vladimir BARTA, IJF Head Sports Director, was recognised before the final block by the Mongolian Judo Association for his support with honorary awards.  

Dr. PAGVA Bira (above - left), Mongolian Judo Association Vice President and IJF Judo for Peace Commission Assistant Director, presented a certificate to Mr. BARTA (above - right) before Mongolia’s first Olympic champion and Rio 2016 selection NAIDAN Tuvshinbayar (below - right) presented a special trophy. Mongolian idol NAIDAN, 32 was not in action this weekend but is set to compete for what is expected to be the last time at this third Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The IJF World Judo Tour now heads back to Europe as Siberia will be the next and final destination before Rio 2016. The Tyumen Grand Slam, one of five annual Grand Slams on the circuit (Paris, Baku, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo) takes place from 16-17 July with 124 judoka competing from 23 nations.

Russia will field 56 judoka while Japan will supplement the entry with 15 judoka and Azerbaijan will provide 11 judoka. 

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-78kg: Unmatched PUREVJARGAL poised for Rio 2016 Olympic Games         

Rio 2016 Olympic team member PUREVJARGAL Lkhamdegd (MGL) warmed up for the Olympics with a confident display in her homeland on Sunday. PUREVJARGAL faced Junior World Championships winner Brigita MATIC (CRO) in the -78kg final and bullied the Croatian in ne-waza and tachi-waza before inevitably taking the lead with a waza-ari from an ouchi-gari. PUREVJARGAL was relentless in her pursuit of gold as she bested a mismatched MATIC by ippon but the Croatian team will be delighted with their haul of three medals from as many judoka. Mongolia’s PUREVJARGAL only qualified for the Games by the continental quota allocation but could prove to be a spoiler against the top seeds. 

In the first semi-final world number 100 MUNKH-ERDENE Uuganjargal (MGL) lost out to teammate PUREVJARGAL by wazari-awasette-ippon. London 2012 Olympian PUREVJARGAL opened the scoring with a waza-ari before determining which Mongolian judoka would represent the hosts in the final as the former held down her teammate for 15 seconds. In the second semi-final MATIC defeated Rome European Open bronze medallist PARK Yujin (KOR) after a scoreless four minutes ended with the Croatian advancing.

The first bronze medal was won by PARK who surpassed 18-year-old tyro BATBILEGT Myagmartsend (MGL) by ippon from a harai-goshi on the corner of the tatami. The second bronze medal contest was won by MUNKH-ERDENE, 25, against 21-year-old GANBOLD Sarangoo (MGL). GANBOLD was penalised twice as her teammate was in the ascendancy. A harai-makikomi from MUNKH-ERDENE earned a yuko before she threw spectacularly with on the edge of the area for ippon and a thunderous reception from the home crowd who love to see ippon judo. 
MATIC, Brigita (CRO) vs PUREVJARGAL, Lkhamdegd (MGL)

Bronze Medal Fights
PARK, Yujin (KOR) vs BATBILEGT, Myagmartsend (MGL)
MUNKH-ERDENE, Uuganjargal (MGL) vs GANBOLD, Sarangoo (MGL)

Final Results 
1. PUREVJARGAL, Lkhamdegd (MGL)
2. MATIC, Brigita (CRO)
3. PARK, Yujin (KOR)
3. MUNKH-ERDENE, Uuganjargal (MGL)
5. BATBILEGT, Myagmartsend (MGL)
5. GANBOLD, Sarangoo (MGL)

+78kg: Olympic champion ORTIZ maintains winning-streak a month before Rio

Olympic champion Idalys ORTIZ (CUB) won all three of her contests by ippon to win her third IJF event in a row as she chases back-to-back Olympics titles. ORTIZ, who travelled to Mongolia following the competition of her team’s training camp in Japan, defeated world number 36 ODKHUU by two waza-ari scores to extend her winning run to 11 contests. ORTIZ, 26, sealed the gold by holding down the Mongolian with a mune-gatame, and will now return to Cuba for four weeks more of fine tuning before defending her Olympic crown on the last day of judo in Rio de Janeiro. 

In the first semi-final ORTIZ defeated 2013 Ulaanbaatar Grand Prix gold medallist BATTULGA Munkhtuya (MGL) after an eight-minute tussle as the pair could only be separated after a lengthy spell of golden score. Both judoka had three shidos to their name at the end of regular time and a further four minutes and four seconds were required to distinguish a winner as BATTULGA was penalised for passivity to send the Cuban into her third consecutive IJF World Judo Tour final. In the second semi-final Asian Championships bronze medallist ODKHUU saw off former Lisbon European Open bronze medallist Ekaterina SHEREMETOVA (RUS) by ippon after leading with a waza-ari to book a final against the number one heavyweight seed for Rio 2016.

The first bronze medal was won by former Ulaanbaatar Grand Prix bronze medallist ICHIHASHI Suzuka (JPN) who eased past SHEREMETOVA by scoring a waza-ari from a sasae-tsurikomi-ashi and followed up by holding down the Russian for 15 seconds with a mune-gatame to win by wazari-awasette-ippon. The second bronze medal was won by BATTULGA who beat 28-year-old LI Nan (CHN) who was making a rare appearance on the IJF World Judo Tour. LI was penalised with a shido for passivity but was able to save herself from giving away a score off a ko-uchi-gari only for BATTULGA to pin down the Chinese judoka for 20 seconds and yet another Mongolian medal.  
ODKHUU, Javzmaa (MGL) vs ORTIZ, Idalys (CUB)
Bronze Medal Fights
LI, Nan (CHN) vs BATTULGA, Munkhtuya (MGL)

Final Results
1. ORTIZ, Idalys (CUB)
2. ODKHUU, Javzmaa (MGL)
3. ICHIHASHI, Suzuka (JPN)
3. BATTULGA, Munkhtuya (MGL)
5. SHEREMETOVA, Ekaterina (RUS)
5. LI, Nan (CHN)
7. GARMAA, Gantogos (MGL)
7. ERDENEBILEG, Gandiimaa (MGL)


-90kg: Mongolia’s LKHAGVASUREN sets sights on Rio after home victory               

Rio 2016-bound LKHAGVASUREN Otgonbaatar (MGL) repeated his 2015 Ulaanbaatar win by defeating former Qingdao Grand Prix bronze medallist GANTULGA Altanbagana (MGL) in the -90kg final. LKHAGVASUREN is one of the top seeds for Rio 2016 and looked composed as he entered the field of play to fight his training partner and fellow Mongolian. LKHAGVASUREN scored a yuko from a ko-uchi-gari and held down GANTULGA in osaekomi for his second Grand Prix gold medal while the silver medallist had still achieved the best result of his career. The crowd favourite now heads into his first Olympics full of confidence and could well be in medal contention. 

In the first semi-final world number eight LKHAGVASUREN downed 22-year-old BU Rigede (CHN) in rapid fashion as he submitted the Chinese fighter with a juji-gatame after only 39 seconds. In the second semi-final 16-year-old ODKHUU Tsetsentsengel (MGL) slipped to defeat against former Qingdao Grand Prix bronze medallist GANTULGA Altanbagana (MGL). ODKHUU was caught for a yuko and was then held down with a tate-shiho-gatame for 20 seconds and ippon.

The first bronze medal was awarded to Junior World Championships bronze medallist Firudin DADASHOV (AZE) who won an action packed contest against ODKHUU whose father looked on intensely from the crowd alongside the organising committee. DADASHOV stormed in front with a waza-ari from a sode-tsurikomi-goshi and moved into the osaekomi for 13 seconds to add a yuko as the home fighter eventually found a way to escape the hold. ODKHUU adjusted his position for a juji-gatame but not fully secure it and moments later when they returned to tachi-waza, the Azeri added a second yuko from a ko-uchi-gari before wrapping up the medal by holding down the Mongolian with a ushiro-kuzure-kesa-gatame for 15 seconds. The second bronze medal went to ERIHEMUBATU (CHN) who rushed past colleague BU by throwing for a ko-soto-gake after 39 seconds and then held him down with a kesa-gatame for 15 seconds.       
GANTULGA, Altanbagana (MGL) vs LKHAGVASUREN, Otgonbaatar (MGL)
Bronze Medal Fights
ODKHUU Tsetsentsengel (MGL) vs DADASHOV, Firudin (AZE)

Final Results
1. LKHAGVASUREN, Otgonbaatar (MGL)
2. GANTULGA, Altanbagana (MGL)
3. DADASHOV, Firudin (AZE)
5. ODKHUU Tsetsentsengel (MGL)
5. BU, Rigede (CHN)
7. IVANOV, Evgenii (RUS)

-100kg: Azeri cadet beats Mongolian teen to gold as the next generation shine        

The -100kg final in Ulaanbaatar pitted two teenagers against each other as 19-year-old DASHDULAM Ishdorj (MGL) fought 17-year-old former Cadet World Championships runner-up Zelym KOTSOIEV (AZE). In one of the youngest Grand Prix finals of all time it was KOTSOIEV who built momentum by scoring a waza-ari from an osoto-makikomi after 90 seconds. That was the first and only score in the five minute contest and KOTSOIEV became one of the youngest Grand Prix winners in history.   


In the first semi-final former Miami Grand Prix bronze medallist GAN Tuvshinjargal (MGL) surprisingly lost out to 19-year-old DASHDULAM Ishdorj (MGL) by ippon with 29 seconds remaining in their contest. In the second semi-final BAYARSAIKHAN Ambaselmaa (MGL) - who won bronze in Ulaanbaatar when the event was a World Cup in 2012 – was defeated by teenager KOTSOIEV. The Azeri fighter scored two yukos without reply to advance into the final with a commanding display.

The first bronze medal was won by BAYARSAIKHAN who beat IJF World Judo Tour debutant NA Risu (CHN) as the crowd were rooting for their fighter. The Mongolian scored a waza-ari and moved into osaekomi to pin the Chinese fighter with a mune-gatame to seal bronze. The second bronze medal was won by GAN who bested 22-year-old TE Rigule (CHN) on shido penalties 1:2.

Bronze Medal Fights
BAYARSAIKHAN, Ambaselmaa (MGL) vs NA, Risu (CHN)
TE, Rigule (CHN) vs GAN, Tuvshinjargal (MGL)

Final Result
1. KOTSOIEV, Zelym (AZE)
2. DASHDULAM, Ishdorj (MGL)
3. BAYARSAIKHAN, Ambaselmaa (MGL)
3. GAN, Tuvshinjargal (MGL)
5. NA, Risu (CHN)
5. TE, Rigule (CHN)
7. ODBAATAR, Khangal (MGL)

+100kg: Mongolian Olympic hope BATTULGA beats former Junior world champion 

Former Junior world champion ULZIIBAYAR Duurenbayar (MGL) lost out to former World Judo Masters bronze medallist BATTULGA Temuulen (MGL) in the last final of the Ulaanbaatar Grand Prix 2016. World number 50 ULZIIBAYAR showed an inferior level of conditioning and that was the difference as Olympic pick BATTULGA held down the 22-year-old with a kami-shiho-gatame with 11 seconds left and the younger Mongolian elected to tap out right away.


The first bronze medal went to two-time Grand Prix bronze medallist BOLDPUREV as he used his bulky 185kg frame to beat the lightest judoka in the category in 116kg ERDENEBILEG Amartuvshin (MGL). BOLD won by wazari-awasette-ippon and will hope that result is enough for him to earn some international assignments from his Association as he showed good throwing skills despite his obvious lack of mobility. There was only one bronze medal awarded in the men’s heavyweight category as there was five judoka in the category with three judoka fighting in a pool as one of the semi-finals while the remaining two fought directly in the other semi-final.
BATTULGA, Temuulen (MGL) vs ULZIIBAYAR, Duurenbayar (MGL)                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Bronze Medal Fight
ERDENEBILEG, Amartuvshin (MGL) vs BOLDPUREV, Sugarjargal (MGL)

Final Result
1. BATTULGA, Temuulen (MGL)
2. ULZIIBAYAR, Duurenbayar (MGL)
3. BOLDPUREV, Sugarjargal (MGL)
5. ERDENEBILEG, Amartuvshin (MGL)

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