Friday, August 5, 2016

Men's -73kg Predictions

The top star of this category is Ono (JPN) but An (KOR) who normally loses to him, could stage a bit upset here. They are likely to meet in the semi-finals in a battle that would be worthy of a final.

Based on the IJF draw here are the predicted winners of each pool:

A: An (KOR) vs Iartchev (RUS) = An (KOR)
B: Shavdatuashvili (GEO) vs Ono (JPN) = Ono (JPN)
C: Orujov (AZE) vs Elmont (NED) = Orujov (AZE)
D: Muki (ISR) vs Ganbaatar (MGL) = Muki (ISR)

1: An (KOR) vs Ono (JPN) = An (KOR)
2: Orujov (AZE) vs Muki (ISR) = Muki (ISR)

An (KOR) vs Muki (ISR) = An (KOR)

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