Friday, August 5, 2016

Women's -63kg Predictions

The players to watch are Trstenjak (SLO), Gerbi (ISR) and Agbegnenou (FRA). They are all world champions but the one who will shine brightest is likely to be the French player.

Based on the IJF draw here are the predicted winners of each pool:

A: Trstenjak (SLO) vs Tsedevsuren (MGL) = Trstenjak (SLO)
B: Gerbi (ISR) vs Trajdos (GER) = Gerbi (ISR)
C: Agbegnenou (FRA) vs Schlesinger (GBR) = Agbegnenou (FRA)
D: Tashiro (JPN) vs Unterwurzacher (AUT) = Tashiro (JPN)

1: Trstenjak (SLO) vs Gerbi (ISR)
2: Agbegnenou (FRA) vs Tashiro (JPN)

Trstenjak (SLO) vs Agbegnenou (FRA) = Agbegnenou (FRA)

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