Friday, August 5, 2016

Women's -52kg Predictions

The easy favorite is Kelmendi (KOS) although she will face a tough likely semi-final opponent in the form of Nakamura (JPN). But I don't think Kelmendi can be stopped from achieving gold in Rio, not even by home favorite, Miranda (BRA).

Based on the IJF draw here are the predicted winners of each pool:

A: Chitu (ROU) vs Kraeh (GER) = Chitu (ROU)
B: Miranda (BRA) vs Ma (CHN) = Miranda (BRA)
C: Kelmendi (KOS) vs Cohen (ISR) = Kelmendi (KOS)
D: Nakamura (JPN) vs Kiuzutina (RUS) = Nakamura (JPN)

1: Chitu (ROU) vs Miranda (BRA) = Miranda (BRA)
2: Kelmendi (KOS) vs Nakamura (JPN) = Kelmendi (KOS)

Kelmendi (KOS) vs Miranda (BRA) = Kelmendi (KOS)

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