Monday, October 12, 2015

Zantaraia's Delayed Uchimata-Harai Combo

Zantaraia's Delayed Uchimata-Harai Combo
Zantaraia (UKR) does the most amazing uchimata-harai-goshi combination technique that has his opponent whirling through the air. Because uke lands on his front, there is no score but this is an impressive technique nonetheless.
Posted by JudoCrazy on Monday, October 12, 2015

Zantaraia starts off in a kenka-yotsu situation, ideal for uchimata.

He enters by inserting his left leg in between uke's legs.

He tries to lift uke but fails to get sufficient height.

So, he brings his leg back down to readjust his position. But he maintains the hook.

Without removing his left leg, he takes a second stab at the uchimata.

This time he gets impressive height with his leg lift.

Although both uke's legs are in the air, he refuses to go over and tries to ride it.

Uke has succeeded in riding the throw and has managed to plant his left leg on the mat.

No problem. Zantaraia attacks uke's left leg instead.

This has uke airborne. There's no riding it this time.

However the torque achieved is so great that and overthrow is likely to happen.

Uke lands on his front. No score. But it was an impressive combination attack nonetheless.

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