Sunday, October 4, 2015

Figueroa's Side Takedown vs Reverse Seoi

Figueroa Side Takedown vs Reverse Seoi
When attacked with a Reverse Seoi, Figueroa (ESP) managed to cleverly counter it with a side-takedown. The referee had called matte and didn't score it but the video judges over-ruled and gave it an Ippon!
Posted by JudoCrazy on Sunday, October 4, 2015

The two players are in a classic kenka-yotsu situation.

The blue player decides to spin into a reverse seoi-nage.

She successfully makes the spin...

But instead of falling on her knees, she collapses completely on her front resulting in a long delay before she can get up and drive forward to complete the throw.

After a while, the blue player starts to get up.

She stands all the way up and starts to drive forwards, hoping to tip Figueroa over to the side.

But Figueroa has other plans and initiates a side takedown as a counter.

Blue player falls flat on her back. But the referee had called matte so no score was given. Eventually the video judges overruled and declared it an Ippon.

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