Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Smetov's Cross-Grip Side Takedown

Smetov's Cross Grip Side Takedown
Smetov executes a cross-grip side takedown commonly seen among Russian players.
Posted by JudoCrazy on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kazakhstan's Yeldos Smetov is a side-takedown specialist. He normally does the standard version used by many European players but occasionally he also does a cross grip version similar to the kind made popular by Russia's Mikhail Pulyaev.

Here is the step-by-step breakdown:

Smetov cross grips uke's left sleeve (holding it with his left hand) and uke's right lapel (holding it with his right hand). You could say it's a double cross grip. This is the set up for this takedown.

He dives into the technique, pulling uke down with him.

As he goes down uke is pitched forward and onto his front.

At this point it looks like uke will fall flat on his front, which would be no score.

The double cross grip allows Smetov to achieve a rotation just as uke is about to hit the mat.

Flat on his back. Ippon!


  1. Sensei Yeoh, two questions:
    1.This takedown is a response (counter) against high back grip ?
    2. Could you suggest a possible uchikomi ?
    Best regards !

    1. Hi, it's not a counter but a deliberate move. Pulyaev uses this technique a lot and it is similar to side takedown except for the grip. Typically, when the players drop they usually do not extend one of their legs to block (like in the regular side takedown) but instead they drop onto both knees. With this technique, the pull on the sleeve grip is crucially important. Hope this helps.