Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Shikhalizada's Side Takedown/Juji-Gatame Combination

Shikhalizada's Side Takedown & Juji-Gatame
Shikhalizada of Azerbaijan is an excellent thrower and he is good on the ground too, as this remarkable side-takedown/juji-gatame combination shows.
Posted by JudoCrazy on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

As with most side-takedown attacks, this one starts off in a kenka-yotsu situation.

Shikhalizada initiates the attack by extending his left leg as he drops.

Sometimes the extended leg doesn't stay straight and in this case, he bends it completely. As a result, uke's right leg is not blocked. But it doesn't matter because Shikhalizada has pulled uke in tightly.

He then springs upwards to effect the throw. As with Smetov (KAZ), Shikhalizada's version is not really a take-down but a throw as uke is airborne.

Shikhalizada rotates uke as he comes down after being projected upwards.

Uke lands largely on his back but not completely so. Waza-ari is scored.

Shikhalizada spots the juji-gatame possibility and sets himself up for this.

As uke stands up, he brings his right leg over to achieve the juji-gatame position in mid-air.

To cause uke to collapse, Shikhalizada throws himself fully into the technique.

At this point, Shikhalizda doesn't even have to roll uke. The referee stopped the match because it was already too obvious that he had secured the armlock. To save uke's arm, the referee calls matte.

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