Monday, August 31, 2015

+100kg Competition Report

Pool A
There was no question Teddy Riner was the overwhelming favorite not just in this pool but in the whole category. But he had some difficulty with his first opponent, Juhan Mettis (EST), whom he was only able to throw in the last minute of the contest, with harai-makikomi for ippon. Against Lurii Krakovetskii (KGZ), Riner used sumi-gaeshi to throw him for waza-ari and then osoto-gari for ippon. Then against Andre Breitbarth he threw with his favorite uchimata for waza-ari, pinned him for yuko and then obtained a submission for ippon.

Pool B
Kim Sung-min (KOR) defeated Or Sasson (ISR) with harai-makikomi for yuko and then pinned him for ippon. Next, he did a slick side takedown on Daniel Natea (ROU) that scored ippon. Then, he used a hand technique to take Bana Bor (HUN) down for a waza-ari and achieved a submission during hold down for ippon.

Pool C
Okruashvili defeated Maciej Sarnacki (POL) with a soto-makikomi for waza-ari. After that, he threw Michal Horak (CZE) with a side takedown for waza-ari and a hand technique for ippon. But his most impressive performance was his match against Sven Heinle whom he threw with ura-nage for ippon.

Pool D
Ryu Shichinohe (JPN) had some trouble with the equally athletic David Moura (BRA) and had to rely on penalties to win. Against Daniel Allerstorfer (AUT), he did better, scoring a yuko from uchimata. In his third match, he scored a superb ippon against Iakiv Khammo with a reaching osoto-gari.

Riner had fought Kim many teams and defeated him each time, without any problem. And so it was here too. First, he threw Kim with a sumi-gaeshi for waza-ari and pinned him. Remarkably, the South Korean managed to escape, conceding a yuko. Riner then proceeded to throw him with sumi-gaeshi again for waza-ari-awasatte-ippon.

Okruashvili was the bigger player but it also meant he was less mobile compared to Shichinohe. With him being down on penalties, Okruashvili attempted a desperate kosoto-gari which was stopped by the Japanese, who followed up with a pin for ippon.

Okruashvili didn't have an easy fight with Breitbath and his uchimata attempt looked at one point like it was going to be countered but the German didn't have enough power to push through the counter and landed largely on his back for waza-ari. It was enough for the Georgian to take the bronze, though he was breathing very heavily for it.

As if wanting give the audience a better show, Khammo countered Kim opening attack, a soto-makikomi with a massive ura-nage that had the South Korean airborne. Ippon for bronze.

Ever since he very nearly scored against Riner in their gold medal match at the 2014 Chelyabinsk World Championships, Shichinohe has been regarded as the one player who might be able to upset the mighty Frenchman. They had something of a rematch in the Rabat World Masters final where Riner smashed Shichinohe for ippon. But still, many wondered whether Shichinohe might be able to pull off a surprise this time around. Riner wasn't able to throw him for ippon but it wasn't a close match. He was thrown twice with sumi-gaeshi, Riner's seeming new favorite technique, once for waza-ari and once for yuko. It was yet another gold for Riner.

Shichinohe, Riner, Okruashvili & Khammo

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