Monday, August 24, 2015

Some interesting stats about -48kg and -60kg

-60kg Men
Kazakh judoka Yeldos Smetov and Rustam Ibrayev were both in the -60kg. The last time two judoka from one nation reached the final of the World Championships was in 2011 in Paris.

2011      Wen Tong and Qian Qin (CHN)                         -78kg
2011      Misato Nakamura and Yuka Nishida (JPN)        -52kg
2011      Haruna Asami and Tomoko Fukumi (JPN)         -48kg

The first time the host nation saw this happen was in 2010 in Tokyo.
2010      Yuka Nishida and Misato Nakamura (JPN)        -52kg

The number of participants in the U60kg weight category (61) was equal to that of 2013 and 2014.
2015:     61           Yeldos Smetov
2014:     61           Boldbaatar Ganbat
2013:     61           Naohisa Takato
2011:     73           Rishod Sobirov
2010:     72           Rishod Sobirov
2009:     46           Georgii Zantaraia
2007:     62           Ruben Houkes

-48kg Women
At 29 years old, Paula Pareto is the second oldest world champion at -48kg. Only Ryoko Tani was older (32) in 2007 when she won the last of seven world titles.

The number of participants at -48kg (40) was higher than in the last two editions:
2015:     40           Paula Pareto (ARG)
2014:     34           Ami Kondo (JPN)
2013:     37           Urantsetseg Munkhbat (MGL)
2011:     50           Haruna Asami (JPN)
2010:     45           Haruna Asami (JPN)
2009:     31           Tomoko Fukumi (JPN)
2007:     41           Ryoko Tani (JPN)
2005:     28           Yanet Bermoy (CUB)       

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