Saturday, August 29, 2015

-63kg Competition Report

Trstenjak (SLO) had a tough start, beating Pari Surakatova (RUS) with only a yuko from kosoto-gari. She won her next match, against Edwige Gwend (IT) more decisively with a hold down for ippon.
She performed superbly against Munkhzaya Tsedevsuren (MGL), throwing her with two perfectly timed counters: evading the Mongolian's kosoto-gari for waza-ari and uchimata sukashi for ippon.

Juul Frassen (NED) is not so well-known but she defeated all comers in this pool, first beating Gulhar Hayytbaeva (TKM) with nicely executed tai-otoshi for yuko. In her next match, she had to fight a top competitor Alice Schlesinger (GBR). She was down by three shidos when in the final moments of their contest, Franssen was able to catch Schlesinger with a sharp ouchi-gari for yuko to win the match. She scraped by with a counter against kouchi-gari for yuko in her match against Rizlen Zouak (MAR). And against Marijana Miskovic (CRO) it was yet another yuko win, with tai-otoshi again. Although her fights were all close, Franssen had made it to the semi-finals.

Defending World Champion Clarissee Agbegnenou (FRA) is a big thrower and although she was already ahead by three shidos in her match against Hilde Drexler (AUT), she never stopped trying to throw and caught her opponent with a slick ouchi-gari for waza-ari in the final moments of their match. Perhaps not content with her performance in the last bout, Agbegnenou smashed her next opponent, Jiyun Bak (KOR) with a soto-makikomi for ippon. Against Miku Tashiro (JPN), she managed to throw her with osoto-gari for waza-ari and immediately follow up with a pin but the Japanese player managed to escape, conceding a yuko. The two scores were enough to win the French player a place in the semi-finals.

Yarden Gerbi (ISR) is one of the biggest throwers in her category but she looked a bit lethargic in her first bout, against Hannah Martin (USA), and managed to scrap by with a counter against uchimata for yuko. She also scraped in her match against Ana Cachola (POR) with another yuko win, through a half-hearted uchimata. Against Anicka Van Emden (NED), she couldn't score at all and had to rely on penalties for the win. Nevertheless, she was through to the semi-finals.

The referees are clamping down on waki-gatame attacks and when Franssen attacked Trstenjak with a badly executed sode-tsuri-komi-goshi which turned into a waki-gatame, she was given hansoku-make.

The other semi-final match, between Agbegnenou and Gerbi was one worthy of a final. Both players knew each other well and the match went into Golden Score, where Gerbi threw caution to the wind and attempted an ura-nage. Gerbi hooked in with ouchi-gari and scored an ippon.

In the first bronze medal match, Tsedevsuren threw her Gerbi with a risky kosoto-gari/ura-nage hybrid for waza-ari. Gerbi, who had been looking sluggish all day, did not have what it took to get the score back. It was bronze to Mongolia.

Because Franssen had gotten a hansoku-make earlier, she was not allowed to contest the bronze medal fight, so Tashiro won a bronze medal by default.

In the gold medal bout between Trstenjak and Agbegnenou, it was obvious that Trstenjak was the hungrier of the two. She opened up the accounts with a rolling drop seoi-nage for waza-ari and then fought tactically thereafter, always putting in an attack before Agbegnenou could settle in for a throw. Then when the French player pushed forward in a moment of desperation, Trstenjak dropped under her to execute yet another drop ippon-seoi-nage, for yuko. There was nothing Agbegnenou could do to get back the scores in the time left. Slovenia had won its first ever gold medal at the World Championships. 

Agbegnenou, Trstenjak, Tsedevsuren & Tashiro

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