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IJF Looks Forward With New Executive Committee Members IJF Congress - Astana 2015

IJF Congress - Astana 2015

The IJF Congress, the first official and public business on the occasion of the World Judo Championships 2015 in Astana, Kazakhstan, took place on Friday at the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation.

Mr. Jean-Luc ROUGE, IJF General Secretary and Mr. Naser AL-TAMIMI, IJF General Treasurer, were re-elected unopposed for four-year terms while four new IJF Executive Committee members were unveiled in the Kazakhstan capital ahead of the seven-day competition which starts on Monday. 

Mr. VIZER welcomes new IJF Executive Committee member Mr. Rene JAGGI 

Mr. Marius VIZER, IJF President, made the opening address: “Good morning ladies and gentleman, Mr. Minister of Sports of Kazakhstan, welcome to Astana on the occasion of the 2015 edition of the World Judo Championships.”

After a poignant short video about the history of judo the delegates from the national member federations and continental unions were introduced to the new IJF Anthem.

“The IJF anthem was prepared during the last three months and was composed by Mr. Wagner in coordination with Michel HUET and played by the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra.

“I hope that it will well represent our sport and our solidarity,” said Mr. VIZER.

Download the official IJF anthem

Mr. MUHAMEDIULY Arystanbek, Minister of Sport Culture for the Federation of Kazakhstan

“We have the honour to thank very much the Government of Kazakhstan, the Minister of Sports, the Federation of Kazakhstan. Mr. MUHAMEDIULY Arystanbek.”

Mr. MUKHAMEDIULY took to the stage to make the first address on behalf of the local organising committee. “Dear Mr. VIZER, dear delegations, I have the pleasure to welcome you all to Astana. I wish you the best of luck in the competition.”

Mr. JAGGI, a renowned sales, marketing and business expert and former Switzerland international judoka, has a wealth of international experience at the highest level in sport. Mr. Jäggi was appointed Marketing and Strategic Director

The former President and CEO of the German football club FC Kaiserslautern said: “I will do my upmost to help the IJF to grow and I will be totally supportive to the IJF.”

1976 Montreal Olympic gold medallist Mr. UEMURA was Olympic head coach of the Japanese team in Seoul and Barcelona and was team leader in Athens and London. Mr. UEMURA, appointed as World Promotion Director, said: “Thank you very much and we will work together for the development of judo.”

All-time judo great Mr. YAMASHITA won 203 consecutive matches between 1977 and 1985 including four world titles and 1984 Olympic gold. Mr. YAMASHITA, a new Development Director, said: “It is such an honour to be nominated as a member of the IJF Executive Committee. Under the strong leadership of Mr. VIZER, I’ll be happy to help for the development of judo. I want to help to make Judo more attractive.”

Mr. ZHOU, who worked for the Chinese Olympic Committee from 1989 – 2001, was the Executive Director of Judo at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games. Mr. ZHOU, who was also appointed Development Director, said: “It is my great honour to be approved as an IJF Executive Committee member. I will support the development of judo in China and throughout the world.

Mr. VIZER (centre) alongside Mr. Jean-Luc ROUGE, IJF General Secretary (left) and Mr. Naser AL-TAMIMI, IJF General Treasurer (right) who were both re-elected in Astana

Reflecting on a successful IJF Congress 2015, Mr. VIZER said: “We have increased the number of Executive Committee members to help us to face the future developments of our organisation. I’m particularly happy that Mr. René JAGGI joined us today.

“He will bring all his expertise in terms of marketing and strategy, which will count in the upcoming months. It is also important to see that Japanese representatives are back with Mr. UEMURA Haruki and Mr. YAMASHITA Yasuhiro as well as Mr. ZHOU Jinqiang from China. It was a very good congress indeed, compact and very professional. The atmosphere was excellent, full of good spirit and solidarity, which is very positive for the future developments of judo. This congress was very important and we have proven one more time that the IJF is a modern organization and that all our members will benefit of the hard work of everybody."

The Congress concluded with distinctions for three integral members of the judo family. Mr. Nicolas MESSNER, IJF Media Director and Judo for Peace Head Director, and Mr. Michel BROUSSE, author of the new IJF Judo Anthology, along with Mr. Matthias FISCHER, IJF IT Director, were presented with an IJF Gold Plaque. 

The IJF Executive Committee - Astana 2015

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