Friday, August 28, 2015

-81kg Competition Report

Frank De Wit (NED) put up a good fight against defending World Champion Avtandili Tchrikishvili (GEO) but eventually got caught with with a hand counter for ippon. Aziz Kalkamanuly (KAZ) took the fight to Tchrikishvili and gave him a hard time. In the end though, he lost by penalties. Laszlo Csoknyai (HUN) tried to do an ura-nage on Tchrikishvili but got countered instead for yuko and was then pinned for ippon. Sven Maresch (GER) gave Tchrikishvili the hardest fight so far, bringing him to time but lost by penalties. The Georgian fighter had made it to the semi-finals but he was not looking as dominant as he usually does.

Nagase (JPN) lit up the scoreboard in his fight against Durdymyrat Hojagulyyev (TKM), throwing him with uchimata, tai-otoshi and uchimata for yuko, waza-ari and uchimata respectively. Against Ivan Silva Morales (CUB), Nagase first used ouchi-gari for waza-ari then oguruma for waza-ari-awasatte-ippon. Nagase got some pretty stiff resistance from his next opponent, Mohamed Abdelaal (EGY) whose strong gripping made it hard for him to come in for an attack and so he had to rely on penalties for the win. Against Lee Seungsu (KOR), Nagase was back to his throwing self and smashed him with osoto-gari for waza-ari followed up immediately with a hold for waza-ari-awasatte-ippon.

Valois-Fortier (CAN) is a superb tactician and he put those skills to good use, beating Uuganbaatar Otgonbaatar (MGL) through penalties. He showed he could also throw though, dispatching Szabolcs Krizsan (HUN) with a very slick side takedown for waza-ari. Against, the strong Alexander Wiecerzak (GER) he went back to his tactical self and won by penalties. As if to show his versatility, Valois-Fortier used groundwork to win his next match, against Valeriu Duminica (MDA), armlocking him for ippon.

Pietri (FRA) easily defeated his first opponent Saeid Mollaei (IRI) first with yoko-guruma for waza-ari and then sumi-gaeshi for waza-ari-awasatte-ippon. Pietri used his favorite technique, the reverse seoi-nage, on Antonia Ciano (ITA) for a spectacular ippon. He had a surprisingly difficult time against Alexios Ntanatsidis (GRE) and had to be content with a yuko win through a hand counter technique. Victor Penalber (BRA), as expected, gave him a tough fight but lost by two yukos through yet another hand counter and kouchi-makikomi.

Nagase was the man on form while Tchrikishvili actually looked off form. A weak osoto-gari attack by the Georgian was foiled and countered for a yuko. After that the Japanese player fought tactical until the match ended. Tchrikishvili, who is normally a strong thrower and tactician, just didn't have it in him to get back the score or cause Nagase to rack up enough penalties for a disqualification.

The other semi-final match, between Pietri and Valois-Fortier was not as evenly matched as expected. When Pietri attacked with a reverse seoi-nage, Valois-Fortier pulled strongly and Pietri took advantage of the situation to immediately follow up with a kouchi-makikomi which scored yuko. Later in the match, a drop seoi-nage was immediately followed up with kouchi-makikomi again and this time the score was ippon.

For his bronze medal match against Lee (KOR), Valois-Fortier (CAN) played it just right, fighting the the Korean tactically throughout. With just a minute left and down a shido, Lee attacked with a desperate osoto-gari but Valois-Fortier was ready for him and countered for a yuko. It was enough to win him the match.

Although Penalber is a big thrower, Tchrikishvili is both a thrower and a tatician, which would normally mean he had the upper hand. But Penalber seemed like he was on fire while Tchrikishvili looked sluggish and tired. In the end Penabler won on penalties. It was not a good World Championships for Tchrikishvili.

Nagase is more known for his throws than his groundwork, which could be why Pietri seemed complacent when the match went to the ground. This gave Nagase the chance to clamp on a sankaku which allowed him to hold Pietri for ippon.
Pietri, Nagase, Valois-Fortier, Penalber

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