Monday, August 31, 2015

+78kg Competition Report

Pool A
Yu Song (CHN) was the top ranked player and for good reason. She demolished Belkis Zehra Kaya (TUR) with an ashi-guruma for waza-ari, an uchimata for yuko and then osaekomi submission for ippon. Next, she countered Larisa Ceric (BIH) with uchimata-gaeshi for waza-ari. Lastly, she threw Kanae Yamabe (JPN) with kosoto-gari for yuko and then pinned her for ippon. She had sailed easily into the semi-finals.

Pool B
Yu's compatriot, Ma Sisi (CHN) was equally devastating in her pool, throwing Rochele Nunes (BRA) with soto-makikomi for waza-ari. A failed side takedown by Nagira Sarbashova (KGZ) led to a pin and submission for ippon. Then, she threw Vanessa Zambotti (MEX) with soto-makikomi for ippon.

Pool C
Megumi Tachimoto started off well, throwing Emilie Andeol (FRA) with harai-goshi for ippon. However, her next two opponents Kim Minjeong and Idalys Ortiz both took her into Golden Score where she won by penalties. She had made it through the semi-finals but did not look as convincing as Yu or Ma.

Pool D
Ksenia Chibisova (RUS) was noticeably smaller than most players in this weight class. But she did remarkably well against players much bigger than she was. She won her first match, against Katarzyna Furmanek (POL) through hansoku-make for ippon due to shidos. She thrilled the crowd with her determination as she attacked her much bigger opponent, Svitlana Iaromka (UKR) with osoto-gari for wazari, uchimata makikomi for yuko and finally, harai-goshi for ippon. It was a crowd pleaser. Her next fight, against the much larger Franziska Konitz was equally stunning, with a win by sasae-tsuri-komi-ashi for ippon. 

The first semi-final match was an all-China affair. Both players obviously knew each other well and cancelled out each other's attacks but in the end Yu managed to pull off a hand counter for yuko.

In the other semi-final, Tachimoto had a tough time against the smaller and more mobile Chibisova who took her into Golden Score. However, once there, Tachimoto was able to catch her with ouchi-gari for yuko.

In the first bronze medal match, Yamabe managed to counter Chibisova's tai-otoshi to score a yuko. Later in the match, she caught Chibisova on the ground and pin her for ippon.

In the other bronze medal match, Ortiz pulled off a stunning utsuri-goshi that had Ma in the air but she fell on her front so there was no score. But once on the ground, the Cuban was able to turn her over and pin her for ippon.

Yu and Tachimoto were not able to throw each other so it became a tactical match with Yu attacking relentlessly, causing Tachimoto to incur two shidos.

Tachimoto, Yu, Yamabe & Ortiz

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