Saturday, August 29, 2015

-70kg Competition Report

The obvious favorite was Kim Polling (NED) with Linda Bolder (ISR) as a possible contender for pole position in this pool. Nobody expected Maria Bernabeu  (ESP) to top the pool but this was the World Championships where champion after champion were toppled. Bernabeu began her campaign by pinning Bolder, a groundwork specialist, for ippon. She then threw Szaudra Diedrich (GER) with a fast osoto-makikomi for ippon. Bernabeu had a harder time in her next fight, against Maria Portela (BRA) who took her to time. Both players had racked up three shidos when they entered into Golden Score and the fight dragged on well past two minutes when Portela got her fourth shido ducking her head under Bernabeu's high grip and thus was given hansoku-make. This pit Bernabeu against top favorite, Polling, whom she threw with osoto-gari for waza-ari. It was enough to win her the match.

Bernadette Graf (AUS) had a surprisingly difficult time against Antonia Moreira (ANG) and had to rely on penalties to win. She did better against Irina Gazieva (RUS) countering her kosoto-gari attempt with an ouchi which scored waza-ari. Against Fanny Estelle Posvite (FRA), she had a drawn out match that was decide by penalties, in her favour. She was through to the semi-finals.

The top favorite here was triple World Champion Yuri Alvear (COL) but also present was double World Champion Gevrise Emane (FRA), who ending up topping the pool. She had a tough opening match against Sanne Van Dijke (NED) who took into Golden Score. It was only then that Emane was able to catch her with a seoi-nage for yuko. She had a better match against Alix Renaud-Roy (CAN), throwing her with a standing ippon-seoi-nage for waza-ari and then pinning her for waza-ari-awasatte-ippon. This pit her up against top favorite, Alvear, whom she threw twice -- once with drop morote-seoi-nage and once with ura-nage -- for yuko each.

Laura Vargas Koch (GER) was the overwhelming favorite here but she unexpectedly lost in her first match. Instead, it was lesser known Chizuru Arai (JPN) who would top the pool. She had a difficult first match, with Sally Conway (GBR) taking her all the way into Golden Score. Then, in a flash of perfect timing, she caught Conway with a kouchi-gari for yuko just as British player was attempting a footsweep. Her second fight was better as she managed to strangle Esther Stam (GEO) for ippon. Her third match also good, as she caught Lior Wildikan (ISR) with ouchi-gari for ippon.

The semi-final bout between Bernabeu and Graf was a tactical match with the Spanish player winning by penalties in the end.

The Emane-Arai match was also a tactical affair decided by penalties, in favor of Emane.

In the first bronze medal match, a poorly executed uchimata by Arai allowed Posvite to counter her for ippon.

Alvear managed to counter Graf's ura-nage attempt with an ouchi-gari for waza-ari and then held on to the lead for the rest of the match.

Emane made short work of Bernabeu by throwing her with a drop sode-tsuri-komi-goshi that had the Spanish player flat on her back.
Bernabeu, Emane, Posvite & Alvear.

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