Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why no bridge call?

I was going through some Zantaraia fights and came across this match from the 2013 Rio World Championships where he almost lost to his Algerian opponent who managed to throw him in the last minute of their bout with a tai-otoshi. Zantaraia spun out with what looks very much like a bridging action. The referee initially awarded a waza-ari to the Algerian but that was later changed to no score.

Actually far from no score, I think the Algerian deserved an ippon. Watch the clip below, as well as the slow motion replays, and tell me that's not a bridge.


  1. Doesn't a bridge require the feet to touch the mat?

  2. That would be a Hansokumake to Tori, he made no attempt to do a clean throw, just drove Uke's head into the ground. Dangerous!

    1. Had Zantaraia not immediately arched into a bridge position he wouldn't have hit his head on the mat and the throw would've scored.