Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ouchi-Gari for White or Counter by Blue?

In the last posting, I posed the question whether White had done a legal or illegal bear hug. It was determined by the IJF Referee Commission that it was a legal bear hug.

That being the case, was it then a score for White for ouchi-gari or a score for Blue for a successful counter against White?

Ezio Gamba says when it's not so clear, it's better not to give a score although for him, it's White.

Juan Barcos agrees that when the commission is divided, they should give no score but in this case, the IJF Referee Commission and the IJF Sports Commission members all say it's Blue.

Alexander Iastkevitch also says it's White because he feels Blue had lost control during the counter. Barcos puts it to a vote and the majority says Blue.

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