Friday, February 20, 2015

Dusseldorf Day 1 - Surprises & Upsets

Spain's Francisco Garrigos defeated Mongolia's Ganbat Boldbaatar while Kazakhstan's Rustam Ibrayev defeated Japan's Naohisa Takato. These were the two big shockers in this category.

No major surprises or upsets.

Japan's Ami Kondo losing to Belgium's Charline Van Snick could be considered an upset. Van Snick winning the gold in a category that not only had Kondo but also her compatriot Haruna Asami, Brazil's Sarah Menezes and Mongolia's Urantsetseg Munkhbat, is a surprise.

Romania's Andreea Chitu losing to China's Ma Yingnan is an upset. Ma beating Japan's Misato Nakamura is a surprise.

No one would have expected France's Automne Pavia to lose to Taiwan's Lien Chen-Ling. That was a big upset.

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