Thursday, January 1, 2015

Takato's Yoko-Sutemi (the failed attempts)

Takato's Side Takedowns often fail but that doesn't deter him
 Yesterday, I posted an analysis of Takato's very effective yoko-sutemi (side takedown) which he has used throughout his career, from the time he was in the cadets (under 17) until today. The difference of course was when he started, leg grabs were still permitted. It's not now but he has managed to adapt and his side takedowns are very effective even without the leg grab.

Most of us have probably seen the various highlight clips and tribute clips for Takato made by the IJF and also by various YouTube fans. In those clips, you only see the successful executions of his throws. It would be easy to assume that his side takedowns work most of the time. Actually, this is far from the actual situation.

The reality is that Takato tries the side takedown over and over again throughout the course of a typical match. Most of the time, it doesn't work. Many times, he gets stopped right his in tracks and I'm surprised the referee doesn't give a shido for false attacks (in many cases, it looks just like that). But he doesn't get fazed or demoralized. He keeps coming in with that side takedown. Keeps attacking relentlessly until it works.

Here is a compilation of Takato's many failed attempts at side takedown, the throw he is so known for. I believe there's much to learn from the failed attacks. At the very least, these clips should motivate and encourage you to persevere, as Takato does, until the technique works.

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  1. This is one of the negative outcomes of the ban on leg grabs- crappy flop and drop Judo. IJF, does this look good to you guys? Is this the beautiful Judo you had in mind?