Saturday, January 10, 2015

Takato's Sumi-Gaeshi

Sumi-gaeshi is something Takato likes a lot. He does it so often, it might not be incorrect to refer to it as one of his tokui-waza as well. However, unlike yoko-sutemi, utsuri-goshi, kouchi-gari and sode-tsuri-komi-goshi -- all of which he likes to attack with very often and scores -- with sumi-gaeshi the failure rate is very high.

Yet, it is something that he seems to like very much because he does it over and over again -- as much as he does his other tokui-waza. It is simply because he doesn't score much with it that I don't call it his tokui-waza. But technically, it probably is a tokui-waza because he likes it so much.

There are many different ways a person can do sumi-gaeshi. Takato does it from the kind of grip (and stance) he adopts when he wants to do yoko-sutemi. Then he slides in and whirls them to the side. Somehow, it doesn't work so well for him though.

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