Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Takato's One-Handed Techniques

Prior to reverse seoi-nage being a hot trend in Japanese judo, many lighter weights also did one-handed attacks following the success that Toshihiko Koga had with his various one-handed attacks.

Takato also used to do one-handed techniques, mainly off his opponent's right lapel (similar to the way Tadahiro Nomura liked to do it) but sometimes off the opponent's right sleeve (Smadga-style). In most cases, his right arm would take hold of his opponent's right leg as he loads them up on his back.

He didn't have much success completing the throws although he often managed to load them onto his back. Now, with the IJF rules completely forbidding any grabbing of the legs, he doesn't do this throw anymore. Still, it's interesting to see his various attempts at it.

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