Monday, January 19, 2015

Takato Photo Collection - Part 1 (Gabi Juan Photographer)

Naohisa Takato is one of Japan's most exciting and unusual players today.

Although a leftie, he is able to throw to the right with throws like sode.

The utsuri-goshi, which he does to the right, is one of Takato's specialties.

Takato doesn't do much newaza but when he does, it's usually osaekomi.

The start of a sequence of shots showing an actual sumi-otoshi at work.

His Korean opponent had thrown him with spectacular tewaza a year ago.

Takato had obviously done his homework and was ready for the tewaza.

A reversal of fortunes: Takato counters tewaza with a tewaza of his own.

Doesn't he look happy? Takato, one of the most dynamic players today.

Takato pics courtesy of Gabi Juan of Hajime Judo.

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