Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Saito robbed of 1985 World title

Saito was a double Olympic Champion but won only one World Championships. It could have easily been two World titles for him had it not been for a clearly illegal attack by his opponent Cho Yong-Chul of South Korea, and the disgraceful refereeing in that match.

Cho, who didn't have the throwing power of Saito, used the one chance he had at the beginning of the match by clamping onto Saito's outstretched left arm and snapping on a vicious waki-gatame as he took Saito to the ground.

Applying a waki-gatame while attempting a throw has always been illegal. Yet, the referees even after conferring with each other, came to the conclusion that Cho deserved to win the match. It's because of cases like this that video playback and the right for the refereeing commission to reverse referee decisions is necessary.

Watch the clip and decide for yourself whether Saito was indeed robbed of a second world title.

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