Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Matsumoto's Sode-Tsuri-Komi-Goshi

Matsumoto likes sode-tsuri-komi-goshi, no doubt. It's her key big technique. There is one technique she does even more often than sode, and that's kosoto-gari, but that is a small technique which she normally uses to unsettle her opponent and to get smaller scores. For the big ippon or waza-ari, she utilizes sode.

Her approach is rather classical. She adopts a traditional right-handed sleeve-lapel grip and turns in left (the opposite of Takato who adopts a traditional left-handed sleeve-lapel grip and turns in right). Matsumoto seldom drops when doing sode. The end result, when successful, is a throw that is very big and dynamic. See for yourself in the clips below.

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