Sunday, January 4, 2015

IJF moves against match fixing

When I read this recent piece of news about new IJF rules against match fixing, I couldn't help but recall two matches from the 2014 Chelyabinsk World Championships which looked pretty much like match fixing to me.

The first eyebrow-raising case was the quarterfinal match between Russia's Mikail Pulyaev and Russia's Kamal-Khan Magomedov in the -66kg division (yes, there were two Russians in that category). Watch the whole match here and decide for yourself if it isn't obvious that Magomedov threw the match with deliberate passivity (hansoku-make). 

The other one was the bronze medal match between Russia's Kirill Voprosov and Russia's Kirill Denisov in the -90kg division (yes, two Russians in that category too). Denisov forfeited the match ostensibly due to injury. Watch his no-show here. (Interestingly, he was able to fight against Marc Odenthal of Germany two days later in the Team Championships).

This is what the new IJF rules against match fixing says:

If a contest takes place and seems to have been played to a pre-determined result, violating the IJF rules, further investigation may be undertaken and any findings of match fixing will result in disciplinary action.

If in IJF events, two athletes from the same nation or two athletes not from the same nation, are opposed and one athlete is injured or ill and has to withdraw they must have a medical certificate from the IJF Medical Commissioner.
It seems to me like the -66kg match violated the first prohibition and the -90kg match violated the second one. I wonder what Ezio Gamba has to say about this.

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