Friday, January 2, 2015

European Utsuri-Goshi

Zantaraia hoists his opponent up high before switching hips
Yesterday's posting about Takato's special utsuri-goshi technique generated a lot of interest, perhaps because this is not a very commonly seen technique.

You don't really see it happening much in competition and it's rarely seen in randori in the judo clubs.

Ilias Iliadis from Greece has been doing this technique for years now. He's an expert at ura-nage and at hip techniques, so it's no surprise this technique comes naturally for him.

But lately, it's becoming an increasingly popular amongst some top European players, namely Krisztian Toth from Hungary, Georgii Zantaraia from Ukraine and Kim Polling from the Netherlands.

Watch this video clip below and be amazed at their mastery of the technique. The first clip is of Iliadis, doing this technique way back in 2007. The other clips, of Toth, Zantaraia and Polling are all from last year (2014).

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