Monday, December 22, 2014

Takato vs Mudranov match analysis

In recent postings, I asked whether Shichinohe scored yuko against Riner and why no shido was given to Riner for obvious infringements. That match was probably the most talked about topic at the 2014 Chelyabinsk World Championships.

Takato complains to the referee about score downgrades

Another hotly contested match up was the semi-final bout between Japan's Naohisa Takato and Russia's Beslan Mudranov. That one was even more controversial. Takato's scores were downgraded twice and he was penalized for stepping out, resulting in a shido that decided the match. Below are the highlights from their very exciting match.

Now, let's analyze the two most controversial aspects of that match: the downgrades and the stepping out penalty.

1. Were the downgrades justifiable? I would argue yes. In the first downgrade, Takato's waza-ari score was changed to yuko. If you watch the slow motion analysis, Mudranov clearly lands on his side, which merits a yuko. In the second downgrade, Takato's yuko was cancelled. Slow motion analysis shows that Mudranov lands on his buttocks, which merits no score (in olden days it would have been koka).

2. Did Takato deserve a shido for stepping out? This one is less clear cut because his stepping out seemed to be part of the action and did not appear to be a deliberate movement to go outside. It is very similar to the case where Mudranov steps outside as part of the action. If Takato is to be given a shido for such a movement, why wasn't Mudranov? 


The score of yuko each is fair. Mudranov's side takedown clearly scores a yuko. Meanwhile, Takato's ogoshi merits only a yuko, not a waza-ari; and his osoto-gari landed Mudranov on his backside which merits no score. So, yuko each. Takato probably should not have been given a shido for stepping out as it was part of the action and very similar to the case where Mudranov stepped out earlier in the match. If that shido had not been given (or if both of them had been given shido for stepping out) the match would have gone into Golden Score. What a prospect that would have been.

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