Monday, December 15, 2014

Switching nationalities is sometimes the only way

Sometimes, switching countries is the only way to compete internationally

It's interesting how some players have managed to switch nationalities in order to have a better chance (or in some cases, the only chance) to compete internationally.

100 Percent Judo has highlighted some cases, notably: Elea de Gansova (previously de Gans). Others mentioned in the article are Taciana Lima formerly of Brazil now fighting for Guinea-Bissau, Esther Stam formerly of the Netherlands now fighting for Georgia, Szandra Szogedi formerly of Hungary, now fighting for Ghana, Amelie Rosseneu formerly of Belgium, now fighting for Israel, and Katharina Haecker formerly of Germany, now fighting for Australia.

Recently, 100 Percent Judo also highlighted the case of Karina Bryant, who will switch from UK to Australia, for her fifth Olympics.

While Karina's switch is amicable, Alice Schlesinger's switch from Israel to Great Britain, is far from that, as this article in Haaretz clearly shows. Imagine what a grudge match it would be if she is drawn against Yarden Gerbi in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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