Thursday, December 18, 2014

Did Shichinohe score yuko against Riner?

 One of the most hotly discussed topics in the 2014 Chelyabinsk World Judo Championships came from the blue ribbon event: the Men's +100kg final. With less than a minute left in the match, and down by three shidos, Japan's Ryu Shichinohe attacked Teddy Riner with a sharp ouchi-gari that felled the great Frenchmen. But did Riner manage to spin out in time or did he fall enough on his side to warrant a yuko score?

The crowd was shouting "yuko" but the referee didn't think it was a yuko and the video judges didn't think so either. Watch the clip below. It comes with slow motion replay from multiple angles. What do you think? Yuko... or not?

It's really hard to say. I've seen referees give yukos for lesser throws. But I've also seen referees not give scores for spin-outs like that. Whatever the case, yuko was not given and Riner ended up winning on shido penalties. But how exciting it would have been if yuko had been given and Riner had to get back that score with about half a minute left.


  1. 1- Before this action, Shichinoe fell many times on his knees and on the ground due to kumikata loss without been penalized. Handsokumate was very very close.
    2- Riner fell on the side of his body but not enterelly (shoulders and trunk safe position). So i don't know.
    3- If yuko, Riner had 2 actions remaining and a shido enough. Pronostic is 80/20 for riner. How can resist Shichinoe in front of a rage machine ?

  2. In the old days, koka. No yuko in this case.