Sunday, December 28, 2014

A battle of te-waza

Jang & Takato each have te-waza skills
Pure te-waza techniques are seldom seen in judo, where players throw their opponents purely with just hand/arm movements. Jang Jin-Min of South Korea did just that in the 2012 Oberwart World Cup when he threw then-rising star Naohisa Takato of Japan with an excellent display of te-waza, whirling the Japanese over for a clean ippon. (Note: Jang does a sasae type of movement but his left leg never connects with Takato's so it is te-waza not ashi-waza).

Takato got his revenge the next year though, in the 2013 Paris Grand Slam, when Jang tried to do the same technique. This time, Takato was ready and countered with his own te-waza for a smashing ippon. Watch the clips below for an amazing display of te-waza prowess.

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