Tuesday, October 28, 2014

IJF Supports IOC Provisional Recognition of Kosovo Olympic Committee

Following the Policy that Has Been followed for Several Years by the International Judo Federation, the IJF Supports the IOC Provisional Recognition of the Kosovo Olympic Committe

Majlinda Kelmendi in full action on the occasion of the last edition of the World Championships

Mr. Vizer said: "Following the IOC decision to recognize the Kosovo Olympic Committee I consider that it was a human, mature and fair decision from a sports and Olympic Movement point of view, as well as an act of fair play towards the members of the sports community, with a major impact on the future of sports in Kosovo and the Balkan region.

Although that in many cases the organization of major global sports events depends very much on political decisions, in this case, solving the status of Kosovo is a purely sports decision and must be considered and treated as such. All members of humanity have the right to the universal values. Sport definitely is one of the most important universal values of the society.

This decision will open new horizons and opportunities and will generate enthusiasm and positive spirit among the youth of Kosovo for the benefit of friendship, unity and peace among nations.

Majlinda Kelmendi won her first senior world title last year in Rio de Janeiro

The flag bearer of this project, from the point of view of the athletes’ representatives in Kosovo, was judoka Majlinda Kelmendi. Through her results – two times World Champion, participant in the London Olympic Games (under the Albanian flag at the time), numerous titles obtained on the occasion of the IJF World Masters, Grand Slam and Grand Prix competitions, as well as her no. 1 position in the World Ranking List of the -52 kg category -, she demonstrates that she is the most eloquent example who marks, proves and represents the potential of Kosovo athletes.

I would like to congratulate the Kosovo Olympic Committee and its President, Mr. Besim Hasani, the Ministry of Sports of Kosovo and Minister Memli Krasniqi, the Kosovo Judo Federation and its President, Mr. Agron Kuka, as well as the entire sports community of Kosovo and all the International Federations who had the courage and wisdom to support this project from the very beginning, wishing them a lot of success in the future and many achievements at all levels."

More about the IOC decision: CLICK HERE

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