Friday, August 29, 2014

Women's -70kg

Pool A
Kim Polling of the Netherlands is the top favorite in this pool. However, she had some difficulty with her first opponent, Mongolia's Narangjargal Tsend Ayush and won on penalties. She did better against her next opponent, Tunisia's Houda Miled, who she threw with a hip technique for waza-ari and then held down for waza-ari-awasatte-ippon. Her next match, however, was again won by penalty.This is rather unusual for Polling who has strong throwing power.

Pool B
Colombia's Yuri Alvear is a double world champion but she doesn't compete in many IJF world circuit competitions so she is not as well known as Polling. But she has strong throwing powers too. She beat her first opponent, Luxembourg's Lynn Mossong with her favourite osoto-makikomi for yuko. She a bit of difficulty with her second opponent, Brazil's Barbara Timo, who scored first, countering Alvear for a yuko. Alvear only managed to get back a score in the final minutes, an osoto-makikomi for waza-ari. Against her next opponent, Cuba's Onix Cortes Aldama, Alvear used uchimata which scored waza-ari. Then she countered what looked like a head-dive uchimata, which gave her waza-ari-awasatte-ippon. The Cuban could have easily been given hansoku-make for the head dive.

Pool C
Croatia's Barbara Matic threw her first opponent, Ecuador's Vanessa Chala with osoto-makikomi for waza-ari. She had to rely on penalties to win her next match, against Austria's Bernadette Graf. In third match, she managed to pull off a kosoto-gari in the final minute to score a waza-ari.

Pool D
Japan's Karen Nun Ira was given the shock of her life shen she got thrown for waza-ari by Morocco's Assmaa Niang. However, she had the presence of mind to quickly clamp on a pin. She held her opponent long enough to score yuko before Niang broke loose but Nun Ira quickly secured the pin again, this time for ippon.

Nun Ira got another scare when China's Chao Zhou threw her with a very powerful sode-tsuri-komi-goshi for waza-ari. Nun Ira was composed enough to fight back and scored with an ouchi-gari for waza-ari to even up the scores. Before the match was over, she had scored ippon with a counter against her opponent's attempt to do a sode-osoto combination.

In her third match, against Canada's Kelita Zupancic, she pushed her opponent down when she was off balanced and scored waza-ari. She held onto her lead until the end, although in the process she racked up three shidos.

Semifinal 1

    Alvear demolishes Polling with makikomi

On paper, the Polling-Alvear match would be an evenly fought one as both players are known for their big throws but Alvear appeared too powerful for Polling. First, she scored with osoto-makikomi for waza-ari. Then another osoto-makikomi, this time for yuko. Then a final throw, soto-makikomi, for ippon.

Semifinal 2
The Matic-Nun Ira match was ended decisively too. Nun Ira executed a kosoto-gari from behind her opponent to score yuko and then proceeded to armlock her for ippon. Despite her difficulty in the preliminary rounds, Nun Ira was through to the final.

Bronze 1
Cortes Aldama launched Matic with a glorious uchimata that had the crowd gasping. It was wa perfect ippon.

Bronze 2
Polling scored first, with a slow drop seoi-nage for yuko. But Klys responded with a kouchi-makikomi in the final minute. It scored waza-ari and was enough to win her the match.

This world championships is one where a lot of players tried ura-nage, which seems to be the hot trend of the moment. When Alvear initiated an ouchi-gari, Nun Ira seized the opportunity to execute an ura-nage. But the experienced Alvear switched to kouchi-gari and landed on top of her. It was a third gold medal for Alvear.

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