Friday, August 29, 2014

Men's -90kg

Pool A
Every world championships would have an unexpected star and Hungary's Krisztian Toth proved to be so in the -90kg category, stunning the crowd with his powerful and dynamic throws. He began his campaign with a morote-seoi-nage against Ivory Coast's Kinapeya Romeo Kone which scored ippon. He did the very same throw against Serbia's Aleksandar Kukolj and got an ippon too. His next fight couldn't be any tougher. It was against the top favorite, Georgia's Varlam Liparteliani. It was a hard fought match with no scores but in the end Toth had one penalty to Liparteliani's two.

Pool B
Kirill Voprosov is not the top Russian in this category. That would be his team mate Kiril Denisov. But he certainly showed some very impressive judo. He was careless in his first match and got caught by Kazakhstan's Samat Yessen with drop seoi-nage for yuko. He responded with an excellent osoto-kosoto combination which scored yuko but he quickly transitioned into an armlock that scored ippon.

His next opponent is the very tough Georgian Beka Gviniashvili. But Denisov made short work of him, countering him with a strong kosoto-gari for ippon. After that he beat Switzerland's Ciril Grossklaus with a very acrobatic uchimata which scored yuko. His fourth opponent, Ukraine's Quedjau Nhabali proved to be very tough as well, and scored first with ouchi-gari for yuko. Voprosov ended the match with another kosoto-gari counter for ippon.

Pool C
Uzbekistan's Sherali Juraev is yet another relative unknown who shone at the competition. He beat his first opponent, South Korea's Kim Jae Yun with a slick kosoto-gari for ippon. Next, he threw Turkmenistan's Nuraly Yalkapov with uchimata for waza-ari and yuko each, and then pins him for ippon. Against the tough Serbian Dmitri Gerasimenko he had to rely on a penalty win. This pit him against the top favorite Kirill Denisov, whom he dispatched with surprising ease though an uchimata sukashi for ippon.

Pool D
Fan favorite Ilias Iliadis of Greece did not disappoint and threw his first opponent with an unusually low, rolling uchimata which scored yuko. Then he threw with sode for yuko. Finally another low, rolling uchimata, this time for ippon.

His next opponent is Portugal's Celio Dias who had surprised everybody by throwing Japan's Masyu Baker for ippon earlier. Iliadis throw him with a massive hip throw for ippon. He had a harder time throwing former world champion Guillaume Elmont of the Netherlands. However the defensive Dutch player eventually incurred four shidos and received a hansoku-make. It was yet another ippon for Iliadis.

Semifinal 1
The Toth-Voprosov semifinal match was a tense one as both players had the potential to do huge throws. The exciting match which was full of exciting near-throws went to Golden Score. Toth wasted not time and attacked Voprosov with an ura-nage-hip throw hybrid popularized by Japan's Naohisa Takato. Although it only scored a yuko, it was a massive throw with lots of air time. The crowd applauded what was clearly a masterful throw.

Semifinal 2
Iliadis did not have an easy time with Juraev, who was having the day of his life but in the end, Iliadis's experience shone through and he managed to win with a hip throw for yuko.

Bronze 1
A despondent-looking Liparteliani smashed Juraev with his trademark hip throw uchimata for ippon. Although he had won a bronze, Liparteliani left the mat in tears. He was supposed to get the gold.

Bronze 2
There would be no all-Russian bronze medal match as Denisov failed to appear on the mat, apparently due to injury. That meant Voprosov got the bronze.

    The throw that wins Iliadis his 3rd World title

Iliadis would not be denied a third world title and threw the Hungarian upstart, Toth, with a soto-makikomi for ippon. 

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