Thursday, August 28, 2014

Men's -81kg

Pool A
The overall top favourite Avtandili Tchrikishvili won his first round after his opponent, Jaromir Musil of Czeck Republic, got injured early in the match. An opportunistic one-handed drop sode at the edge of the mat gave him an early lead with yuko in his second match, against Joachim Bottiue of Belgium. It was enough for him to win the hard-fought match. An illegal leg grab by Carlos Luz of Portugal gave Tchrikishvili an easy win in his third match. A lacklustre performance by Japan’s Takanori Nagase allowed Tchrikishvili a win on penalties.

Pool B
Germany’s Sven Maresch was the top seed in this pool but he lost to France’s Alain Schmitt in the first round, on penalties. A drop morote-seoi-nage gave Schmitt an ippon victory over Argentina’s Emmanuel Lucenti. Schmitt threw his next opponent, Spain’s Adrian Nacimiento Lorenzo twice with drop morote-seoi-nage for yuko each, and once with drop ippon-seoi-nage for yuko before pinning him for ippon. His last opponent was Nacif Elias of Lebanon, who surprisingly gave him a very hard time. In the end, Schmitt had to rely on penalties to win.
Nacif Elias (LIB)

Pool C
Defending World Champion Loic Pietri threw his first opponent, South Korea’s Lee Seungsu, for waza-ari with a reverse seoi-nage in the opening seconds and held onto that score until the end. He then threw Portugal’s Diogo Lima, with drop ippon-seoi-nage for waza-ari and then countered him with a sumi-gaeshi for yuko.

His third fight, against Robin Pacek of Sweden, went to Golden Score. There he managed to pull off an impressive standing sode-tsuri-komi-goshi that scored waza-ari. In his fourth fight, he countered Russia’s former World Champion Ivan Nifontov’s sasae for yuko and then threw him with drop ippon-seoi-nage for another yuko.

Pool D
Antoine Valois-Fortier had a difficult first fight, against Uzbekistan’s Shukhratjon Arslanov which he won on penalties. He beat Tunisia’s Abdelaziz Ben Ammar with a side takedown for waza-ari. Then he pinned North Korea’s Pak Hong Wi for ippon. His toughest match was against Brazil’s Victor Penalber who threw him first with an uchimata for yuko. But Valois-Fortier scored a waza-ari with sumi-gaeshi before the time was up. He was through to the semifinal.

Semifinal 1
    Schmitt received 4 shidos in the last 2 minutes

About midway through their semi-final match, Schmitt socred a yuko with a drop seoi-nage. Tchrikishvili was unable to score for the rest of the match but the overly defensive Schmitt had accumulated four shidos in the last two minutes. He got hansoku-make. It was Tchrikishvili who would be in the final.

Semifinal 2
The semi-final match between Pietri and Valois-Fortier was a largely tactical battle that was decided by penalties. At the end of the match, Pietri had one shido and Valois-Fortier had none. It was the Canadian who would be in the final.

Bronze 1
Pietri scored a waza-ari by countering a poor uchimata attack by Nagase and held on to the lead until the end. He had racked up three shidos but that didn’t matter. He had won the bronze.

Bronze 2
The Nifontov vs Schmitt fight for bronze was also determined by penalties with Schmitt incurring one shido while Nifontov had none. It was a Russian bronze.

With the first minute Tchrikishvili countered Valois-Fortier’s osoto-gari attempt with a big ura-nage that scored ippon but was lowered to waza-ari by the video judges. Valois-Fortier had plenty of time to either get a score back or cause Tchrikishvili to be passive and incur enough penalties to be disqualified, just as Tchrikishvili had done to Schmitt earlier. But the Canadian didn’t have it within him to do either and so the gold went to Georgia.

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