Sunday, August 24, 2014

-48kg Draw Analysis

Click here to see the draw for the -48kg division.

In Pool A, Mongolia's defending World Champion Urantsetseg Munkhbat's main opposition is likely to come from Ami Kondo. The Mongolian had defeated the Japanese though in this year's Dusseldorf Grand Prix.

In Pool B, Cuba's Maria Celia Laborde will likely clash with Hungary's Eva
Csernoviczki. They have fought once with the Cuban winning. She is likely to win here too.

Munkhbat and Laborde have fought twice, once this year and the other time last year. Both times, Laborde lost. Munkhbat is likely to get through to the final.

In Pool C, Brazil's Olympic Champion Sarah Menezes will probably emerge on top.

In Pool D, a former Brazilian fighter who now represents Guinea-Bissau (where her father is from), will probably top the pool.

Menezes and Taciana fought as recently as last year, where Menezes won. Taciana had also lost to Menezes in 2011 and 2010, although she won in 2009. Menezes is likely to win.

A Munkhbat vs Menezes final would be an exciting fight. These two had fought twice in 2013, with the Mongolian winning on both occasions. Menezes had beaten Munkhbat in 2011 though. Both fighters are still peaking although Munkhbat probably has the advantage with her very strong newaza. She might very well win her second world title.

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