Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Koga vs 100 (Misc Techniques)

In the course of the Koga vs 100 fights, Koga of course didn't just rely on ippon-seoi-nage or his koshi-guruma. Although he is primarily known for his famous seoi-nage, Koga watchers will know he actually has a range of other throws that he uses now and then to catch his opponents by surprise.

Most notably is kouchi-makikomi, which he uses whenever his opponent is overly defensive and blocking out his seoi-nage.

He also has a special direct attack tani-otoshi. Usually tani-otoshi is done as a counter but Koga doesn't wait for his opponents to attack before executing his tani-otoshi. He does it like a kind of kosoto-gake but it is a sacrifice throw to the back. It is tani-otoshi. And he uses it primarily against left-handed players.

Koga is not particularly known for his footsweeps but he has used it in international competitions before. For example, in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, he threw the South Korean Park Chung-Hee with an opportunistic footsweep. He also did so in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, throwing the Polish player Bronislaw Wolkowicz with a well-timed kosoto-gari.

One of Koga's most dynamic throws is the one-handed sode which had actually been in his repertoire as early as 1989, where he could be seen throwing the Nigerian player Majemite Omagbaluwaje with it in the Belgrade World Championships.

In this clip below, you'll see Koga doing a wide array of techniques against a range of different players in Koga vs 100.

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