Monday, July 7, 2014

Koga vs 100 (Koshi-Guruma)

The legendary Toshihiko Koga was known for his devastating ippon-seoi-nage. However, later in his career, he developed new techniques that worked remarkably well.

One of those techniques was koshi-guruma, which he debut internationally in the 1995 Tokyo World Championships when he threw the Russian Konstantin Savchishkin with koshi-guruma for ippon.

It's not a technique that is well known for, maybe because he added it to his repertoire late into his career. So not many people got to see him do it internationally, although he used it quite often in internal competitions in Japan.

The technique is a natural progression for him given his penchant for throwing with seoi-nage. Although koshi-guruma is technically a hip technique, he executed his koshi-guruma the way he did his seoi-nage. You'll see what I mean when you watch this clip from the Koga vs 100 exhibition tournament.

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